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    anping mesh/Hexagonal chiken wire mesh
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    hexagonal wire mesh


    Wire materials: Hexagonal wire mesh is manufactured in galvanized iron or PVC coated wire.


    Assortments Available:

    • Hex. wire mesh in normal twist
    • Hex. wire mesh in reverse twist
    • Hex. wire mesh in bidirectional twists
    • Electro Galvanized before Weaving
    • Electro Galvanized After Weaving
    • Hot Dipped Galvanized before Weaving
    • Hot Dipped Galvanized after Weaving
    • PVC Coated Before or After Weaving




    1. About chicken wire mesh


    Chicken mesh is also called big size hexagonal wire netting or gabion rolls. It is primarily manufactured in galvanized and stainless steel. The mesh is firm in structure and has flat surface




    2. Wire diameter 


     Quality mild steel wire, stainless steel wire, etc. 




    3. Weaving patterns


      Straight twist, reverse twist, double twist.



     4. Process


     Galvanized after weaving or galvanized before weaving.




    5. Finish


     Electric galvanizing → Hot-dip zinc plating → Stainless steel or PVC coated.








    1. Strength


     Chicken wire  mesh provide adequate strength to the structure to withstand forces generated by retained earth and flowing water.



    2. Antioxidation and Corrosion resistant




    3. Uniform mesh size, Flat and even mesh surface, Weave tightly.




    4. Low cost




    5.Flexibility and durability






    Hexagonal wire mesh with its good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, serves well as strengthening, protection and temperature keeping materials in the form of mesh container, stone cage, isolation wall, boiler cover or poultry fence in construction, chemical, breeding, garden and food processing industries.




    Heavey hexagonal wire mesh is used in many situations including the stabilization of earth movement and erosion, river control, reservoirs, canal refurbishment, landscaping, retaining walls, Hydraulic Engineering, Roof greening and so on. 



    Detail Specificatios:

    Galvanized hex. wire netting in normal twist (width of 0.5M-2.0M)
    Mesh Wire Gauge (BWG)
    Inch mm
    3/8" 10mm 27,26,25,24,23,22,21
    1/2" 13mm 25,24,23,22,21,20,
    5/8" 16mm 27,26,25,24,23,22
    3/4" 20mm 25,24,23,22,21,20,19
    1" 25mm 25,24,23,22,21,20,19,18
    1-1/4" 32mm 22,21,20,19,18
    1-1/2" 40mm 22,21,20,19,18,17
    2" 50mm 22,21,20,19,18,17,16,15,14
    3" 75mm 21,20,19,18,17,16,15,14
    4" 100mm 17,16,15,14



    Galvanized hex. wire netting in reverse twist (width of 0.5M-2.0M)
    Mesh Wire Gauge(BWG) Reinforcement
    Inch mm (BWG) Width(ft) Strand
    1" 25mm 22,21,20,18 2' 1
    1-1/4" 32mm 22,21,20,18 3' 2
    1-1/2" 40mm 20,19,18 4' 3
    2" 50mm 20,19,18 5' 4
    3" 75mm 20,19,18 6' 5


    Hex. wire netting PVC-coated (width of 0.5M-2.0M)

    Wire Dia(mm)


    Inch mm
    1/2" 13mm 0.9mm,0.1mm
    1" 25mm 1.0mm,1.2mm,1.4mm
    1-1/2" 40mm 1.0mm,1.2mm,1.4mm,1.6mm
    2" 50mm 1.0mm,1.2mm,1.4mm,1.6mm


    Galvanized hexagonal wire mesh

    anping mesh/Hexagonal chiken wire mesh

    PVC coated hexagonal wire mesh

    anping mesh/Hexagonal chiken wire mesh

     Packing photo

    anping mesh/Hexagonal chiken wire mesh


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