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    High quality&best price Titanium Wire Mesh Screen

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    Titanium Woven Wire Mesh,High quality&best price Titanium Wire Mesh Screen


    Chemical symbol of Titanium is “Ti”

    Color of Titanium: silver grey

    Melting point: 1668±4℃

    Boiling point: 3260±20℃

    Density: 4.51g/cm3

    Moh's hardness:6

    Compare with the ability of corrosion resistance ,the thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity of titanium is not good. At the normal temperature, titanium does not react with the majority of strong acid, alkali, only with hydrofluoric acid, hot concentrated hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid ,also aqua regia.

    According to the production process, titanium wire mesh can be divided into: Titanium Woven Wire Mesh, Titanium Expanded Metal Mesh, Titanium Perforated Metal Mesh, and Titanium Knitted Filter Mesh

    Application: Titanium wire mesh is mainly used for filtration in the condition of strong acid and alkali environment and electrode in the chemical industry, environmental industry, electroplating industry, battery industry.

    1. Titanium Woven Wire Mesh

    Material: Titanium wire

    Woven pattern: the wires of the weft and the warp intercross woven

    Titanium woven wire mesh has several types: flash edge titanium woven wire mesh, wrapped edge titanium woven wire mesh.

    Hole pattern: square hole, rectangle hole.

    Mesh: 0.5-150

    Mesh width: 10mm-2000mm



    2. Titanium Expanded Metal Mesh

    Material: Titanium panel,Titanium foil 

    Production process: stamped and stretched

    Mesh hole pattern: diamond, triangle, similar hexagonal

    Titanium Expanded Metal Mesh opening: 0.3X0.6mm,0.6X1.2mm,1X2mm,1.5X2mm,1.5X3mm,2X3mm,2X4mm,3X6mm,4X8mm,5X10mm,6X12mm and so on.

    Mesh thickness: 0.04mm-5mm

    Mesh width: 5mm-1000mm


    3.Titanium Perforated Metal Mesh:

    Material: Titanium panel

    Production process: stamped

    Mesh hole pattern: round,square, trapezoid,rectangle,triangular,hexagonal, oval and so on.

    Specification of Titanium Perforated Metal

    Mesh opening dia.:0.8mm-50mm

    Mesh thickness: 0.05mm-2mm

    Mesh width: 5mm-1000mm


    4. Titanium Knitted Filter Mesh

    Material: titanium wire

    Woven pattern: hook woven

    The mesh opening of Titanium Knitted Filter Mesh is similar to the shape of “Ω”.

    Titanium Knitted Filter Mesh is mainly used for air and liquid filtration.






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