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    Anping Supply PVC coated wire
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    Anping Supply PVC coated wire

    1. pvc coated color:dark color
    2. CE certificate, IEC standar
    3. in-time deliver

    Wire diameter (before coated  and after coated)

    0.8mm / 1.2mm

    0.9mm /1.3mm

    1.0mm / 1.6mm

    1.2mm / 2.0mm

    1.4mm / 2.0mm

    1.6mm / 2.4mm

    1.8mm / 2.6mm

    1.9mm / 2.9mm

    2.0mm / 3.0mm

    2.2mm / 3.2mm

    2.4mm / 3.5mm

    2.6mm / 4.0mm

    2.8mm / 4.2mm

    3.0mm / 4.2mm

    PVC Coated Wire


    PVC Coated Iron Wire (PE Coated Iron Wire)
    Matecial Black Annealed Iron Wire
    Galvanized Iron Wire
    Specification 0.8mm/1.2mm-3.0mm/4.0mm
    Tensile Strength 40kg-60kg/m
    Weight/Coil 0.1kg-500kg/Coil
    Packing Plastic inside,hessian woven/Nylon woven outer


    With galvanized iron wire as material, offers good quality PVC coated wire for worldwide customers. With PVC and galvanized iron wire adhered firmly together, PVC coated wire has excellent corrosion resistance and anti-aging property and much longer service life compared with common galvanized wire. Different colors available for customers choice is another benefit of PVC coated wire.


    Standard specification: BWG 6#---BWG 32#


    PVC coated wire


    named colored wire




    green,black,white grey,etc color


    PVC coated wire:


    Core wire: wire gauge:8#-24#,4mm-0.55mm in metric;

    Plastic thickness:0.4mm-1.5mm;

    Wire tolerance:+0.05mm/-0.05mm Max.

    Basis Material: Low carbon steel wire SAE C1006-1008;


    Core wire: Hot-dipped galvanized wire

                          Electro galvanized wire

                          Plain steel wire(on request).

    Out:  PVC, vinyl or PE (on request)

    Color: green, black, white, grey and etc (on request).


    Technical information:


    Tensile strength:350N/MM2-550N/MM2(soft)



    Fabricated process:  Wire rod-Drawn wire-Annealed-Acid washing-Galvanized-PVC coated-                              Wire coiling


    Packing: 0.5KGS-1000KGs per coil.

                       wrap with plastic film, Hessian cloth or moister-proof paper.

                       Pack in carton or pallet


    Also named plastic coated wire;


    Extruding polyvinylchloride over galvanized wire;


    Standard or heavy galvanized wire to rustproof;


    PVC coated for double protection for corrosion resistance;


    Uniform coating and good luster;


    Low cost, strong adhesion and high flexibility;


    Fire retardant and good insulating properties;


    More colors selected;


    Widely applications for tie wire or chain link fence making;


    Various diameter and coil size available.


    Others could according to customers' request to make.


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